So, moving abroad, that’ll be fun – right?

When given the opportunity to move to New York with work, naturally I expected Tom to jump at the chance. The fact that, despite my enthusiasm, I am experiencing a sensation akin to plunging from a precipice with the ground hurtling ever-closer (think Wile. E Coyote) seems to afford him some amusement, but I don’t think I had quite anticipated just how much there would be to do before we get there!

Our departure date is a month tomorrow, in which time we have to pack up the contents of a fairly well-stuffed 2 bedroom flat and transfer a transit van’s worth of it to storage in Somerset. We also have a conference, team awayday, training sessions, farewell dinners, a birthday party, theatre tickets, a Prom concert, leaving dos and all sorts of other last-minute diversions to occupy our last month in London.

I promise not to post a box-by-box description of the packing ordeal (I detest packing, even putting a bag together for a weekend away is something to be put off until the last minute), though there may well be pictures of some of it. And lists, I like making lists. However, once all that is over the idea is that we’ll use this blog to record what we’re up to in New York, so do drop in from time to time if you’d like to see how we’re getting on.

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