Dawn over Manhattan

In a rather extreme departure from our usual routine, on our final shipboard morning (Friday 3rd August) the alarm went off at 04:00. Around half an hour later we joined a surprisingly large number of fellow passengers on the top deck to watch the lights of New York drawing ever closer.

Manhattan lights in the distance

Somewhere around 05:00 we passed under the Verrazano Narrows bridge, a moment made all the more dramatic by the fact that due to the height of the QM2 her funnel only has around 4 metres clearance (and for the watchers on deck it looks like a lot less!).

QM2 funnel passing under the Verrazano Narrows bridge

Despite a hint of pink in the sky over Brooklyn, it was still dark as we approached the Statue of Liberty, and the little golden glimmer of her torch was really atmospheric. The new World Trade Centre buildings were the only skyscrapers lit up, but the shapes of the others were clearly visible as the sun began to rise.

Dawn over Manhattan

Despite the early hour it was already warm, so it was most pleasant to wander around the decks taking in the views, and we found a good spot from which to watch the ship being moored up. Once that excitement was over it was time for a hearty breakfast before returning to our cabin for the last time, where I was delighted with our view:

View of the Statue of Liberty from our QM2 cabin balcony

And then it was back to reality with a bump, as we joined the queue for taxis:

Taxi queue at the Brooklyn cruise terminal

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