Broome Street

Today I went for a walk along Broome Street. Not perhaps the most obvious choice for a mid-morning stroll, you might think, so I should explain that it links two of the places I’ve been most excited about visiting – Purl Soho and Babycakes.

I’m delighted to report that neither venue disappointed – I had a lovely time admiring the rainbow of yarns and other knitting accoutrements in Purl, and was very good and restricted myself to just one baked treat from Babycakes (a rather wonderful gf doughnut with chocolate icing, for the record).

The two are roughly a kilometre apart, and I was quite fascinated by how much the street changed along the way. I began in SoHo, which felt a bit like Clerkenwell, with its mix of boutiques, bars and galleries (two of which I popped into, finding photography and fossils). Little Italy seemed to consist mainly of restaurants, several of which had tables set out along the pavements, and it was just a couple of blocks before the ambience altered yet again and I found myself in Chinatown.


This is a really lovely part of town to wander around in – almost every street has a different character, and there are all sorts of interesting things to see. I didn’t take many photos as I was trying not to look too much like a tourist, though I did regret not having my camera to hand when I passed an elderly Chinese man taking his tiny caged bird for a walk.

Returning home across the Brooklyn Bridge was rather fun too.


As well as being a nice way to pass the morning, my trip was something of a reconnaissance mission. My fabulous Royal Society colleagues bought me a Purl voucher for my leaving present, so I will be returning once I’ve worked out how best to spend it (I already have a few ideas, but there is just so much loveliness to choose from!). And if I’m going to be in the area it would be a waste not to sample several more of Babycakes’ offerings, I think the doughnut topped with cinnamon sugar might be my next choice…

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