Of flats and flatpacks

We picked up the keys for our new apartment on Saturday, and spent almost the entire weekend shopping for things to put into it. Ikea did particularly well out of us, despite stealing the whole of Sunday morning and ruining our lunch plans, so we spent yesterday afternoon building and arranging our purchases:


We’ve still got five doors to attach, several more deliveries to receive, and a few important things yet to buy (particularly some cutlery, although I’m pleased to report that we do already have coffee cups and wine glasses). So lots to do, but how very exciting finally to have a place of our own in New York New York!

1 thought on “Of flats and flatpacks

  1. Hi Emma and Tom
    Pleased to hear about your new flat/apartment – and that you survived Hurricane Sandy.
    What is your new postal address so that we can send you a Christmas card?
    Adrian and Pauline.


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