Running and rambling

This was never supposed to be a blog about running. However, as you may have worked out from the title of this post, you’re about to get another running progress update anyway – if you want to see some more of my NYC photos you can always skip down a few paragraphs…!

I am feeling super-pleased with myself today, as I managed to run for 20 minutes (and a little over 2 miles) without stopping. I then walked for 2 minutes and ran for another 11 minutes before calling it a day.

I realise this is not particularly impressive as these things go, but it’s a big deal for me – I’ve almost doubled my non-stopping run time, and doing my first 5k without stopping is feeling much more achievable. My pace was also quite consistent, which I’m inclined to think is a good thing, and this was without Tom to keep me moving along.

Stats from my run on October 18th

Other than this, there isn’t really a great deal to report at present. We’re still settling into our new apartment, and have both internet and a sofa arriving on Wednesday (hurrah!). I had yet another trek out to Ikea this morning (which was only moderately successful) – as you might expect it’s almost exactly the same as every other Ikea out there, except perhaps for the view from the cafe window…

Statue of Liberty photographed from Ikea Brooklyn

We’ve also been enjoying getting to know the Upper East Side a bit better, and tracking down supermarkets, restaurants and bars in the streets around our apartment. We’re only a 10 minute walk away from Central Park in one direction, and about 5 minutes from the East River the other way, and there’s heaps going on in between. I’ll have to do better at taking my camera out with me (especially as people have already started decorating the outside of their houses for Halloween), but meanwhile here’s a shot I took down 3rd Avenue on Sunday afternoon:

Looking down 3rd Avenue on a Sunday afternoon

This weekend we’re off to Miami for a few days as Tom is attending a conference there – I shall be taking my running kit with me but will hopefully have some more interesting observations to write about too! But to finish in Manhattan, here’s a slightly random shot of the decorations in the McNally Jackson bookshop cafe, which I really liked:

suspended books in the McNally Jackson cafe

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