Although we did think about going elsewhere for Thanksgiving, in the end leave allowances and airfares dictated that we would stay in NY, and it turned out to have been a good decision.

We had a walk across Central Park

Fall foliage in Central Park

… watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade

float in the Macy's Thanksgiving parade

(click the image to open a gallery of other parade photos)

… walked back home through Central Park

more fall foliage in Central Park

… then cooked and consumed a delicious dinner.

our 2012 Thanksgiving dinner

The rest of the weekend was all about relaxing – we spent some time in the Metropolitan Museum, went to Ikea for the final time (fingers crossed!), and hit the sales too. Christmas decorations and lights are going up everywhere, and now that the weather has turned colder it’s all starting to feel properly festive.

Rockefeller Plaza tree and angels

3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving

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