Views of NY from street, sea and sky

Another weekend visitor gave us more opportunities for hitting the tourist trail, beginning with an 11 mile walk around some of my favourite parts of the city.

As well as the sights we intended to take in it was fun to come across one or two unexpected things, including the Christmas tree going up in Rockefeller Plaza:

Christmas tree at Rockefeller Plaza

Museums-wise, we took in both modern art at MoMA and American anthropology at the National Museum of the American Indian. The latter provided a good excuse to have a look around the southern tip of the island, then we wandered up as far as Chinatown for yet another flavour of New York life.


For me, the big highlight of the weekend was a boat trip around the lower half of Manhattan (it begins at 42nd street on the West side, goes round as far as 42nd street on the East side then returns to the start). We set sail at 4pm, which turned out to be pretty much the perfect time – we had good light to begin with then watched as the sun set behind the Statue of Liberty and all the lights came on across the city. Unsurprisingly I took far too many photos – click on the one below to see just a few of my favourites in Flickr:

Lovely Lady Liberty

The following day began with a visit to the top of the Empire State Building, which I opted out of – having been up to the Top of the Rock just a couple of weeks ago it seemed a bit unnecessary. It was a beautiful sunny morning, and looking at the pictures I’m rather sad I didn’t go up after all!


Brunch is a more-or-less obligatory part of the New York weekend, so we rounded things off in style with a meal at the Pershing Square diner:

brunch at Pershing Square

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