Before we moved to America a number of people warned us about the more extreme weather we were likely to encounter. So far we’ve experienced uncomfortable summer humidity and a hurricane, but the winter has been rather disappointing. Sure, we’ve had a few chilly spells, but nothing extreme, and a lot of the coldest days were gloriously sunny – I certainly haven’t been missing London’s damp greyness. (That said, as I write this the grey and drizzly aspect outside my windows takes me right back home!)

icicles on window at the Whitney Museum

All this changed with the arrival of snowstorm Nemo, just in time for the weekend. Here in New York city we got off really lightly – I think around a foot of snow settled, and it doesn’t seem to have caused any major issues – whilst other places have been much more seriously affected. Most of the snow fell overnight, so whilst Friday was a rather unpleasant mix of sleet and driving winds, Saturday was crisp and bright.


Compared with London, the NYC response to snowfall is swift and efficient. Garbage trucks are fitted with snowploughs and were out in force clearing the avenues, and building owners/managers are responsible for clearing the sidewalks outside their properties so walking around was fairly safe. The only problems came at the cross-sections, where snow piled up by the curb had melted and left big slushy puddles for pedestrians to navigate. All planned subway maintenance had been cancelled so trains were running smoothly, and we also saw our local fire engine leaving the station complete with snow chains, which seemed a sensible precaution.


Naturally we headed out to Central Park to play in the snow, and it seemed like almost everyone else in the area had the same idea. Every available hill was thronged with people sledging, snowmen and snow angels could be spotted in almost every direction, and whilst most of the paths had been cleared there was plenty of deep snow to crunch through. We had a lovely time enjoying the beautiful snow and crisp air, until cold and damp feet drove us home.


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