A weekend in Washington DC

When planning a trip it is clearly advisable to check whether there are any local festivals or events taking place at the time. On this occasion we failed to do so, which is why we found ourselves in Washington DC on Saturday April 13th with about a zillion other people celebrating the grand finale to the annual cherry blossom festival.
Washington DC Jefferson Memorial

Hoardes of blossom-enthusiasts notwithstanding, we had a lovely weekend. The weather was glorious, Washington is a very pleasant city for wandering around, there are lots of restaurants serving tasty gluten-free food, and many of the excellent museums are free to enter. Frankly, we couldn’t have asked for more. We also discovered that the flight from NYC to DC is quicker than the journey from JFK airport to our apartment, but never mind.

the White House

Particular highlights included the enormous flag which inspired the poem that became ‘the Star Spangled Banner‘ (the age of which I found surprising as the lyrics always strike me as very contemporary); the juxtaposition of Magna Carta (a 1297 copy) with the American declaration of Independence at the National Archives (not to mention earlier and annotated drafts of the Declaration & Constitution); discovering that James Smithson was a Fellow of the Royal Society (they get everywhere!); seeing the original Kermit puppet and the Apollo 11 command module; and pretty much everything about the Library of Congress.

Louise Bourgeois spider sculpture and the National Archives

In an action-packed weekend, we saw:
the White House
the Capitol
the Washington monument
a sign for a nuclear fallout shelter
the tidal basin park
many many cherry trees
the Jefferson memorial
the National WW2 memorial
Foggy Bottom
Dupont Circle

Ceiling in the Library of Congress Jefferson building

We visited:
the National Gallery of Art
the National sculpture garden
the Smithsonian castle
the Lincoln memorial
the Kennedy Centre (for an excellent free concert)
the National Archives
the Hirshhorn museum and sculpture garden
the National Museum of American History
the Library of Congress
the United States Botanic Garden
the National Air and Space museum

Apollo 11 command module

And we ate (oh my, did we eat!):
wonderful Wicked waffles
pizza at Ella’s
dim sum & cocktails at Ping Pong
brunch (with $2 mimosas!) at Firefly
dinner at Legal Seafoods
lunch in the excellent cafe at the National Museum of the American Indian

the Capitol by night

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