Happy 4th!

A question which has been on our minds lately is how do (or should) British people living in America celebrate the Fourth of July? A brief survey amongst some of our expat acquaintances highlighted food, flag cake and fireworks, so that’s exactly what we did…

flag cake, of sorts

The day dawned bright and early with a 5am alarm so Tom could join his company’s London awayday via Skype. Fortunately I’d been inspired to make cakes the night before, so those and a large pot of coffee kept us going until it was time for brunch, which we ate with some British friends. We met at a rather nice diner a couple of blocks from our apartment, where we consumed epic portions of egg, bacon, sausage and toast and talked for a surprisingly long time about baseball.

Then it was back home to digest and relax until it was time to head out to see the fireworks. I was slightly unimpressed about having to trek all the way over to the opposite side of the island to stand around with zillions of other people, but actually it was great – there was a really nice atmosphere in the crowd where we ended up (around 63rd street I think), and although we were out of range for the sound-and-light show the fireworks alone were spectacular.


Other than the light show on the Empire State Building (which we couldn’t see), several other buildings were decked out in patriotic lights for the occasion. The Helmsley Building is a particular favourite of mine at the best of times, so I was happy to risk death-by-taxi and stand in the middle of Park Avenue to get this shot as we made our way home.

patriotic Helmsley Building

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