Nothing to see here

We’re still reacclimatising to NYC after a busy two-week break in England. As usual, time away has made me more aware of normally-familiar surroundings, and I just thought I’d share a few snaps taken with my phone camera as I’ve been out and about over the last couple of days…

This Midtown shot captures all my favourite architectural things about Manhattan – the juxtaposition of beautiful old and shiny new buildings, crazy parking, and water-towers (not sure why, but I can’t get enough of those water-towers!):


The Chrysler vies with the Woolworth building as my favourite skyscraper of all time, with the added advantage that I see it much more regularly. This was taken as a brief ray of sunshine caught the top on an otherwise grey and cloudy day.


Henry Moore sculpture at the Lincoln Center – we trudged through torrential rain in the hope that the open air concert we wanted to see might still go ahead (it didn’t). We ate our picnic supper with this as our view as the last of the raindrops fell, then squelched home across Central Park (it’s a hard life…!).


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