Something wicked this way comes

As I wrote last week the build-up to Halloween has been going on for some time, so we were expecting a fairly dramatic celebration on the night itself. (Last year we were busy battening down the hatches before the arrival of Hurricane Sandy, so partying was not such a priority for most.)
approach of the skeletons

I took myself down to Greenwich Village to see the parade. Other than a complete failure to meet up with the friends I’d persuaded to join me, it was my favourite of all the parades I’ve seen so far. I particularly liked that people could just show up and take part, which meant that the usual gaps between the marching bands and official floats were filled with interesting things to look at.


Naturally most of the participants were in costume (zombies & superheroes being popular choices, although the range & diversity was quite remarkable), and there was lots of interaction between them and the crowd. One amusing incident that happened right in front of me involved two guys dressed as gorillas chasing and picking up another guy dressed as a banana (somewhat to the distress of his girlfriend).

zombie musicians

Walking back to the subway afterwards felt like negotiating an epic costume party – the streets were filled with parade-goers (many of whom dressed up to watch, let alone participate), and all the bars and restaurants were packed. It felt a little strange when I finally got back to the UES, where apart from a crowd trying to get into our local sportsbar, people were dressed normally.


Tom, meanwhile, had choir practice to attend; costume optional. Sadly, and despite some excellent ideas, a lack of preparation meant that he had to go with the simple choice of the Phantom of the Opera, but to his credit he managed to win a bottle of wine in the post-rehearsal pub costume competition (though whether that was due to his outfit or his singing we’ll never know…!).

spooky ESB

P.S. Apologies for the rather rubbish pictures, night-time photography is definitely something I want to work on, let alone parades.

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