Choirs and carols and concerts (oh my!)

December this year has been more than usually crammed with concerts (both singing and attending) and, with a novel festive twist, we also recorded a financial version of the 12 days of Christmas for CNN.Many of these have been at St Bart’s, with our own Advent 9 lessons and carols followed by the other two choirs’ annual Joyous Christmas Concert (picture below), and a baritone-and-piano recital of carols themes around the adoration of the magi.

St Barts carol concert

A particularly fun event was another annual treat, as a crowd of us gathered to sing carols on the steps of St Bart’s. We joined in this last year, and it was just as fun this time around, singing loudly and (mostly) tunefully and enjoying the reactions of passers-by.

carols on the steps

The biggest event of our season was joining some 2000 others in Avery Fisher Hall for another annual event – the National Choral Council’s Messiah sing-in. 4 soloists and a (slightly wonky) organist were joined by 17 conductors (one for each chorus sung), and everyone in the audience was there with score in hand. Singing the Hallelujah Chorus as part of that large a group was really something else.

Messiah sing in

Tom’s other choir performed two festive concerts (both of which opened with a solo from Tom), and we went to yet another choral concert to support his conductor’s other group. Then, as if we hadn’t had enough already, last Sunday we defected to St Thomas’ church on 5th Avenue for one of their 9 lessons and carols services, which was absolutely wonderful.

St Thomas carols

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