Christmas lights in Dyker Heights

What better way to spend the afternoon of Boxing Day than by going for a walk? Particularly if that walk takes in an array of extravagant Christmas lights. Following a friend’s recommendation we headed out to deepest Brooklyn to see the Dyker Heights displays, which turned out to be well worth the trip.

crazy lights

The range of decorations was quite extraordinary, from simple (even tasteful) strands of lights to the whole gamut of inflatable figures, crib scenes, angels, reindeer, nutcracker dolls, and a cast of rather more unexpected characters.

SpongeBob ChristmasPants

Some of the houses were just spectacular:

sparkly Christmas house

Some of the combinations were completely random:

Bigbird and friends

And there were all sorts of interesting smaller details:


I’ve added a load more pictures to my Flickr account, just in case you’re as entertained by these as we were. Here’s wishing 2014 is as bright and twinkly as just a fraction of these lights (and without the presumably epic bills they incur)!

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