Skiing Brian Head (at last!)

Having escaped from Las Vegas, we drove happily across the desert and up into the mountains, stopping at a nice little diner en route. In the original plan for this trip we would have caught the greyhound bus, which I’m sure would have been quite the experience, but I very much enjoyed driving my red jeep (especially as it had cruise control).

Driving to the mountains!

We had been anxiously watching the weather for signs of snow, and whilst plenty was falling on the East coast southern Utah was not so fortunate. Thankfully there was still a good layer of snow on most of the slopes, with only one section of the mountain closed and the occasional icy patch elsewhere.

Briah Head, Utah

We arrived on the Thursday afternoon, somewhat later than anticipated because we hadn’t realised that Utah is one hour ahead of Nevada. Fortunately there was night skiing that evening, so as it happened we were in perfect time to settle into our hotel, get changed and organise our skis and lift passes before getting on the chairlift. We then had full days skiing Friday and Saturday, and a very full half-day on Sunday (the first time I’ve ever been ready to ski before the lifts started running) before heading back to Vegas.

Tom skiing at Brian Head

The weather was glorious, and despite it being a holiday weekend, the resort was extremely quiet (by European standards, anyway) – other than on the Saturday we had many of the slopes almost entirely to ourselves.

Emma skiing at Brian Head

I’ve uploaded a few more photos to Flickr, so if by any chance you would like to see more please take a look!

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