Snow in the city

Returning from our skiing holiday to freezing temperatures and snow all over the place seems like the wrong way round, but New York looks rather lovely under a blanket of fresh white powder so I’m certainly not complaining.

Times Square snow

Clearing the backlog of photos off the cameras in preparation for writing about our trip, I came across a load of snow photos that we’ve taken over the last few weeks, so I thought it might be fun to share some of them (not to mention that I’m putting off trawling thorough 500-odd holiday snaps, and this seemed like as good a diversion as any).

Almost any view of Central Park looks like a scene from a Christmas card, particularly when any of the horse-drawn carriages are passing by:

Central Park snow horses

Although personally I prefer this scene with a cheery yellow taxi to brighten things up a bit:

Central Park snow cab

All this one needs is a few brightly-clad skaters on the frozen lake:

Central Park snow lake

Discarded furniture looks extra-pathetic with a light covering of snow:

UWS snow chair

But the sight of a red cardinal is always cheering!

Central Park snow red cardinal

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