Food and foliage

Having just returned to NY after a couple of ridiculously busy weeks in England, a lazy Saturday was very much in order. The weather was beautifully warm and sunny so a walk in Central Park seemed to be just the thing (after a breakfast of coffee and waffles, of course).

Weekend breakfast

First outing for our beautiful new cafetiere!

It was quite remarkable to see how much the plant life has advanced whilst we were away – we left at the height of spring, but now the trees are fully in leaf and it all looks very summery indeed.

sunlight and foliage

We wandered across to the Upper West Side to visit a couple of knitting shops and a new-to-us gluten free bakery, and came away with some lovely new wool as well as delicious cakes to picnic on back in the park.


My lovely assistant modelling our purchases from the wonderful By the way Bakery!

Fortified with truly excellent cake (even Tom agrees!) we headed East again, pausing to observe the various activities on the Great Lawn as we went. The grass wasn’t nearly as packed as it’ll be in summer proper, but there were still plenty of people out enjoying the day.

Saturday fun in Central Park

Leaving the park, we spotted a group taking pictures of a flowering tree – at first we thought this was because the flowers appear to be sprouting directly from the trunk, but then we noticed what had caught their attention:

nesting bird

If anyone can identify what sort of bird this is I’d love to know – a North American robin, maybe?

Having stocked up on groceries as well as sunshine, we headed home to cook dinner – a berbere-spiced roast chicken, using spices brought back from Ethiopia by our friend Kelly – a delicious end to a delightful day!


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