And we’re back

Which isn’t to say that we’ve been away (sadly), but rather that a stupidly busy couple of months have just staggered to a close, and I finally have time to blog about things again.
Rather than overwhelm everyone (myself included) with separate posts about absolutely everything we’ve been up to, what follows is a digest of some of the cultural highlights, and I’ll write separately about a few other things over the next week or so.

Winogrand retrospective
During the summer the Met held a major retrospective of the work of American photographer Garry Winogrand, and we dropped in to see it shortly before it closed. The most immediately arresting thing was how contemporary his pictures seemed – candid street scenes, people snapped at parties – certainly not the kind of art photography I was expecting, but I really liked his work (Tom was less impressed, I think it seemed too casual for his taste).

Cy Twombly at the Morgan
One of the many nice things about volunteering at the Morgan is getting to go on curator-led tours of the exhibitions. I am not a particular fan of Twombly’s work, so I thought it might be interesting to find out more about the pieces currently on show – especially as the centrepiece of the exhibition, Treatise on the Veil (second version) is rarely displayed because it measures nearly 33 feet in length (I recommend a look at the gallery of installation photographs!) – and indeed it was. For further information the press release for the exhibition is also well worth reading.

Shut up Philip
Some friends invited us to join them at the movie Listen Up Philip at the arty Lincoln Center cinema, and as we currently have a membership there (a gift from some other friends) we jumped at the chance. On paper it sounds quite good, but in reality we didn’t see the point of it, and a post-screening Q&A with the writer/director, the actor who played Philip, and (rather randomly) Paul Schrader, didn’t enlighten us further. We did all go for a very tasty curry afterwards though, so all was not lost!

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