Hello Hoboken

Part of the reason we’ve been ludicrously busy recently is that we decided to move. The Upper East Side is a wonderful area to live, but it was costing us far too much money, and having been in the same apartment for two years it felt like a good time to make a change when the lease came up for renewal in September.

Having asked all our friends for both warnings and recommendations, we spent quite a few summer weekends checking out different parts of the city, and eventually settled on Hoboken as having the right combination of liveability, commutability and affordability.  We also discovered that one of our friends is a real estate agent, which took a lot of the hassle out of the whole process – the rental market here moves incredibly fast, so we really appreciated having someone on hand who both knew the system and understood what we were looking for.

We were quite entertained by the mix of reactions we received when mentioning that we were planning to move to Hoboken – everything from “that’s nice” to “why”, and even “well it was nice knowing you”. (To save you getting the map out, it’s in New Jersey – just across the Hudson River from Manhattan, stretching from roughly the West Village up to the Empire State Building).

Having been there for almost a month now I am happy to report that it is very nice indeed. Our apartment is lovely (and much bigger than the previous one), our street is quiet, and we have woodpeckers in the garden. Commuting into Manhattan on the bus is proving much more efficient that we had anticipated, although walking along the waterfront to catch the train is a more scenic way to begin the day. Tom has been very happily exploring the local grocery stores, of which there are several, and the few cafes and restaurants we’ve managed to try so far have all been very pleasant.

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