Home sweet Hoboken

Spending a second Christmas in a place means that I’ve been there a long time, so I’m well aware of all that moving house involves, and really you’d think I’d be quite the expert by now. Nevertheless, I recently found myself packing up once again in the midst of organising two conferences, which is really not something I’d recommend. (Tom, sensibly, managed to be away on business for the weekend of packing, and then busy with work for a fair amount of the unpacking.)


At rest

Throw into the mix a longstanding arrangement for a weekend away, family visitations, a plethora of prearranged social engagements and other commitments, a non-arriving delivery of Ikea furniture, and the nightmare that is finding a parking space in Hoboken on Halloween, you have the recipe for a complete and utter nervous breakdown, so I’m rather proud of the fact that we got through it all comparatively unscathed.

Lovely furniture old and new, and finally some pictures on the walls too.

However, the purpose of this post was not to complain about my poor scheduling skills, but rather to show off a few pictures of our new place, now that we’ve finally finished unpacking, tidying and putting up pictures.

So much space!

Despite having more than enough furniture we still have space to spare (which is such a fun complaint to make to Manhattanites). We’re looking forward to being able to invite friends round for dinner and actually have room for everyone at the dining table, especially as for the first time in many years we also have a separate kitchen.

compact kitchen

I should also note that we did mostly enjoy putting our various Ikea purchases together, and everything turned out solid despite some slightly unorthodox construction practices:


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