Christmas 2014

December seems to have lasted an awfully long time this year. I’m not sure whether that’s because we’ve been more or less busy than usual – I’m actually inclined to suspect the latter, but nevertheless we seem to have maintained an action-packed schedule.

Christmas morning

Particular (but unphotographed) highlights included singing for the Advent and Christmas Eve services at St Bart’s, seeing some friends perform Schutz’s Christmas Oratorio (basically a nativity play set to fabulous music), visiting the Morgan Library’s Crusader Bible exhibition (not at all festive, really, but a pleasant way to spend Christmas Eve afternoon between work and church), and eating wonderful curry on the 25th at some other friends’ lovely apartment.

Other festive fun has found us in a variety of forms, including carol singing on Park Avenue:

Carols outside St Bart's, 2014

Seeing Eric Idle in “Not the Messiah” (singing along to “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life” is not a moment I shall forget in a hurry):

Eric Idle in Not the Messiah

Decorating our tiny tree:

waiting for Christmas

Christmas cake:

Christmas cake 2014

Counting down the days with little cheery socks:

Advent socks

The Empire State Building on Christmas night:

Christmas ESB

Some of the beautiful decorations in our neighbourhood:

Garden Street decorations

And this:


Merry Christmas everyone!

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