Wilmington, Delaware

On the train to Baltimore last week, I passed through Wilmington, Delaware.

Wilmington station

Now, Delaware is not a state which has made it on to our list of must-sees, so as the train left Philadelphia I paid particular attention to the view. Rather sadly, there wasn’t all that much to see – mostly trees, with the occasional clump of new-looking housing visible a little way off. Actually it reminded me of driving up the M3 from Southampton to London…

Delaware housing

…so it was really quite satisfying when Wilmington turned out to look a little bit like Basingstoke (or one of those other charmless southern English towns).

Wilmington DE

I know that the area around the railway station is rarely where you see any town at its best, but I’m afraid I’m not sufficiently inspired to go back and see what else it has to offer, and our guidebook struggles to make a compelling argument (although┬áif anyone has any recommendations please do let me know in the comments!). There was a rather lovely mural on one of the buildings we passed, which I did appreciate:

Whale mural in Wilmington

Naturally, this rather lacklustre review won’t stop me from adding Delaware to my list of the states we’ve visited, as, frankly, I’ve seen quite a lot more of it than in some of the other states where we’ve only taken a city break. (On which topic, we’re up to 18┬ánow, with another two coming very soon.)

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