Four Corners roadtrip – day 5

In a radical departure from the roadtrip ethos, we didn’t actually get in the car at all today. Instead we wandered rather aimlessly around Durango, checking out a good selection of attractive independent shops and cafes as we went.

Downtown Durango

With perfect timing, we managed to arrive at the station just as one of the historic steam locomotives pulled out, taking a train-load of sightseers up the Durango and Silverton narrow gauge railway.

steam train in Durango

We had decided not to do this trip ourselves, but it was nice to see the train in action, and later in the day we spent some time in the railway museum too (a wonderful and eclectic collection of local transportation memorabilia).

Durango railway musem

Back at the hotel for a while mid-afternoon we enjoyed the novelty of just sitting around for a bit, before taking a dip in the Victorian hot tub. Then it was down to the hotel’s other bar (the Office) for cocktails before going out for a curry. The restaurant in question apparently specialized in Himalayan dishes, but sadly the yak was off. We did get a teapot of mulled wine to wash our dinner down with though, so I’m calling it a success.

Tom at the office!

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