Where did February go?

I am struggling to believe that it’s March already, especially as it feels like we haven’t really done anything with 2015 yet. Of course that is complete nonsense – so far this year I’ve set foot in 10 different states (or 11, if I count changing planes in Dallas), and Tom clocked up one more with his trip to Vegas. On the New York front, however, we’ve mostly been staying indoors and trying to keep warm.

It seems that the last few weekends have all included equal measures of sunshine and snow, so we’ve been trying to get outside for a little fresh air and exercise whenever we can.


Last Sunday was particularly nice, a first taste of Spring, with temperatures creeping above 0C. We had seen pictures of thick ice further up the Hudson, but were quite surprised by the amount of ice flowing down the river, presumably loosened by the warming water.


This weekend also saw us out in Manhattan on two consecutive evenings, which hasn’t happened in ages. Friday was a long-awaited trip to the Tony-award winning musical, A Gentlemen’s Guide to Love and Murder. Heavily based on the plot of the Alec Guinness film Kind Hearts and Coronets, the story was very funny, the music enjoyable, and the whole thing very nicely done indeed – we loved it.


Then on Saturday night Tom sang in a concert with his non-church choir, a mixed programme of new commissions, Monteverdi madrigals and British folk songs. This was followed by the obligatory post-concert trip to the pub, where Tom had his first experience of that great American tradition, the so-called drop shot. Fortunately all passed off without incident, and a good time was had by all.

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