Summer outings

Since it’s been a while, and I’m killing time waiting for some granola to bake (yes, apparently I have nothing better to do with a morning off), I thought I’d trawl through my camera and see what treasures were lurking therein. It turns out we’d been doing all kinds of fun things which I’d largely forgotten about, giving an alternative meaning to the phrase ‘photographic memory’.

Annotated book at the New York Society Library

Back in June we visited an exhibition I’d been wanting to see for months – “Readers make their mark” at the New York Society library. The curators had selected some real gems from their collection, with all sorts of interesting marginal annotations: a Greek miscellany rather randomly contained an annotated diagram of buildings near London Bridge which had been destroyed in a fire in 1663, and, more understandably, a list of brief character descriptions had been added in the front of a copy of Jane Austen’s Emma (in which the reader describes our eponymous heroine succinctly: “Emma — intolerable”). I could write a whole post on how much I liked this exhibition, but I shall recommend this article instead.

Pierre Huyghe installation at the Met

The same afternoon, after leaving the library, we walked a few blocks further to the Met museum to take a look at the latest installation on the roof terrace. Created by Pierre Huyghe, I found the work random and perplexing but surprisingly engaging, and it looked great under cloudy skies.

Ridiculous audience in Bryant Park

A much hotter and more humid evening found me on a picnic blanket in Bryant Park, sharing the lawn with about a million other people. The event was their first open-air movie screening of the summer, the chosen film was Ghostbusters, and the park was packed. I completely failed to find the friends we were supposed to be meeting, I think they found a spot somewhere in the middle, so I squeezed into an empty space towards the edge. By the time Tom arrived an hour or so later I was feeling overheated and weirdly claustrophobic, so with another hour to go before the movie began (curse those 9pm June sunsets!) we cut our losses and went home instead.

Beautiful evening on Governor's Island

The 4th of July weekend found us back in London so we missed this year’s festivities, but the following Saturday saw us catching the ferry over to Governor’s Island for a friend’s birthday picnic. It was a beautiful day, warm but breezy, and we spent a lovely afternoon under the trees. Unwilling to leave, a few of us lingered into the evening before reluctantly catching one of the last ferries back to the mainland.

southern Manhattan from the water

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