Downeast roadtrip day 1 – Newport

Collecting our rental car and driving it home to fill up with luggage was in many ways a brilliant idea, but it did mean we ended up taking a lot of stuff with us. Fortunately the car had a large boot (or trunk, as I should say!), and it didn’t take long to pack everything in and get on the road.

Our destination for the day was Newport, Rhode Island, with just a brief stop to eat sandwiches and buy coffee from a rest stop en route. Arriving at our accommodation – another AirBnB find, right in the centre of Newport – we set out to enjoy the sunshine on the cliff path. This took us around the edge of town, past a number of historic mansions, and the views were lovely.

Clifftop walk in Newport RI

Heading back into town it was starting to get towards the dinner hour, so we found a charming waterfront bar for some drinks with a harbour view, before going on to an excellent dinner at Jo’s American Bistro.

the Port bar in Newport RI

It’s dangerous to make judgements based on such a brief visit, but from what we saw of it we liked Newport a lot. It was extremely touristy, but in an elegant, attractive sort of way, though actually I’m not sure what one would do with much more time there (go out on one’s yacht, I suppose…).

As usual, there are plenty more pictures in my album for the trip

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