Downeast roadtrip day 6 – Acadia too

More rain was forecast so we had a leisurely start, but in fact it was merely overcast as we hopped on the bus again and set out to climb Pemetic Mountain. We started by Bubble Pond, and headed up the steep trail through the wood. In comparison to the packed carpark, the woods were empty and we had the trail to ourselves for much of the morning.

Acadia: Tom in the woods

Emerging out above the treeline, we finally got some great views across the island, which we appreciated whilst eating our sandwiches on the summit.

views over Acadia

Continuing along and down, we found ourselves back in civilisation at Jordan Pond, to which throngs are drawn by its carpark and cafe.

Jordan's pond

Naturally we availed ourselves of the facilities, so after a quick snack and a browse in the gift shop it was back on the bus and off to Northeast Harbor (they don’t go in for fanciful names here, it seems). The sun finally came out as we wandered around, admiring the houses, boutiques and marina – this side of the island is rather quieter and less overtly touristy. We arrived back in Bar Harbor in time to take a walk over the sand bar which gives the town its name (see!), then strolled up to the Side Street cafe for drinks and dinner.

sandbar at Bar Harbor

Wandering home via the waterfront again, the tide had come in and completely covered the sand bar Рin complete contrast to 24 hours earlier it was a beautiful evening, and very scenic indeed.

sandbar under water

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