Downeast roadtrip day 10 – home

We are more-or-less reconciled to the fact that we always take much longer than the suggested time to drive between places, pretty much regardless of which roads we select or how fast I take it. However, taking 7 hours to complete a 3.5 hour trip is quite the record, even for us.

Well, quite...

We started on the backroads through Rhode Island and into Connecticut, and stopped for a wonderful breakfast outside the Vanilla Bean Cafe in Pomfret. I was fascinated by the eclectic mix of other diners – two or three separate biker groups, some girls in their early 20s, a family or two, a couple of older divorcees on a first date – and the prospect of the drive back into the NY metropolitan area made lingering outside a country cafe even more pleasant.

the Vanilla Bean Cafe, Pomfret CT

The interstate wasn’t too bad, but the backlog of traffic wanting to go over the George Washington Bridge was quite incredible, and of course we ended up in the slowest-moving lane. Once over the bridge a brief detour around the MetLife stadium carpark ensued, but it was thankfully not too much longer before we were back on familiar roads at last.

Over the G.W. Bridge, at last!

Having returned the car we limped home – turns out that climbing a mountain and then driving 400 miles is even less good for the knees – and back into reality once again. As well as being a really lovely holiday, it was also extremely satisfying to have visited the last of the New England states, bringing our total number of states visited to 20. (We’ve also passed though a further 3 states on train journeys but Tom won’t let me count those in the official tally.)

Just in case you haven’t had enough of all the photos within these posts, a final plug for my complete album – click here to find 200 pictures (on just two nicely browse-able pages!) from the trip!


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