Labor Day 2015

Having spent most of August on vacation, it was clear that we would be staying home for the long Labor Day weekend, and we thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to walk along the Hoboken waterfront, do some cooking (6lbs of pulled pork, anyone?!), and generally relax at home. We also wanted to get into Manhattan for something a little more cultural, as it’s been ages since we did anything like that, so a walk down the High Line to the new Whitney museum was planned.

the Whitney from the High Line

I notice that it’s been just over three years since I wrote about our first visit to the High Line, and actually today was pretty similar – it was hot and sunny, with lots of people enjoying the park, and, like that time, we treated ourselves to an ice lolly in the shade about half way along (I think from the same vendor, too)! We’ve walked the High Line on many occasions since then, and at different times of the year – it’s one of our top recommendations to our visitors – but it’s been ages since we saw it in summer, and we really enjoyed the walk.

overbuilt and undergrowth

We visited the Whitney museum twice in its old location and have been meaning to visit again since it opened in its new building at the southern end of the High Line. (I see that was May 1st this year, so for once we’re not too far behind the curve!) My favourite things about the old Whitney were the windows and stairwells, and I was pleased to find that both of these aspects are similarly charming in the new version.

views of Hoboken from the Whitney

Furthermore, the outdoor terraces and staircases at the upper levels of the building afford some wonderful views over the city, as well as allowing visitors to take a break from the artwork and gaze at a different kind of spectacle (I’m already looking forward to coming back after dark).

Whitney terraces

In other news, we’ve started running again. Tom was actually doing quite well with this earlier in the year, but I was busy having chunks cut out of my back by my dermatologist so exercise was banned for a couple of months (shame!). I know regular readers have heard this all before, but we even got up early on our Monday off to go out for a short jog, which is testament to how seriously we’re taking it this time…!

indoor staircase at the Whney

September is likely to be a quiet month around here – Tom is going to be busy attending conferences here and in Miami, I have a one-day event at the end of the month, and then we’ll both be busy with Tom’s company’s annual New York conference in early October. Other than that I’m rather looking forward to the back-to-normal feeling which comes with the start of autumn – this summer has been a lot of fun, but it will be nice to get back into a regular routine. And we have an exciting trip to look forward to later this year, too…!

we're going to Hawaii

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