Spooky streets

As the nights are drawing in, and Halloween approaches, our street gets spookier by the day. Not because of the shadows per se, but as a result of the creativity of our neighbours. The full menace can only really be appreciated by night (and I must get out after dark with the camera soon), but it all certainly livens up the daytime too…

Internet cloud zombies

This installation is entitled “Internet cloud zombies” and offers a seasonally-appropriate critique of our dependence on the web:

Internet cloud zombies close-up

Some people have adopted a gentler theme, for a more autumnal harvest kind of look…:

Autumnal decor

… whilst others have seemingly collaborated with their neighbours to provide a wider canvas for their creativity:

Cavorting skeletons

and the joie de vivre (or should that be joie de mort) of these skeletons makes me smile every time I see them.

Cavorting close-up

Enormous spider webs seem to be a particular favourite, and none would be complete without an attendant spider. I think the fallen leaves provide this next one with a nice extra touch of authenticity, and the zombie/skeleton thing did actually make me jump as I jogged past it in the dawn gloom earlier today.

Spiderwebs everywhere

Occasionally one comes across a more tasteful display:

Natura morte

but if all else fails, a comedy pumpkin or two is always fun:

Comedy pumpkins

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