Notes from November, and festive fun

As various people have pointed out to me, things have been a little quiet around here lately…! Since we got back from our trip to Hawaii (of which more very soon, I promise) on December 5th, the usual pre-Christmas madness completely took over, and it has taken this long to catch up.

November was actually quite a cultural month (for me, at least) with visits to the Picasso sculpture show at MoMA (undeniably impressive but far too busy, with some odd curatorial decisions as well), the Middle Kingdom at the Met, exhibitions of Martin Puryear drawings and Matisse’s book art at the Morgan, and a silent movie.

The festive season has been marked by food, drink and excessive carolling – I think we racked up at least 9 concerts, services and other occasions, plus of course a lot of rehearsal time. Despite not having any serious parties to attend, we did extremely well at numerous celebrations with friends, and also hosted Christmas lunch at our apartment. Six of us sat down together to eat a mountain of festive food, and it was all extremely lovely.

Next year is shaping up to be another busy one: work will doubtless keep Tom more than occupied, I’m going to be president of the local branch of my library association, and we’re already plotting at least four different trips… For now though, it’s a pleasant change to lounge around at home doing basically nothing, apart from troughing our way through all the leftovers of course!

1098060_10156376572820615_3390046165802281395_n (2)

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