Where did February go?

Back in NYC after a week skiing in Colorado (of which more very soon) it feels as though we’ve skipped March and gone straight to April, with the current run of warm spring days coming as a complete shock. 

Looking back over the calendar, February was as busy as ever, with a glut of exhibition visits my main cultural focus. That said, we did go to our first play screening (or whatever they’re called… You know, the thing where they make a film of a live theatrical performance and then charge you just as much to watch it in a cinema…), which was extremely good – the Kenneth Branagh company’s performance of A Winter’s Tale, starring Branagh himself alongside Judi Dench and an excellent cast. I was just delighted that I could see without having to fly back to London (although that would have been fine too), and it was fun to visit a small movie house on the Upper West Side, which had the added advantage of being very close to one of the best gluten free bakeries in the city.

I was also lucky enough to see another play (in real life this time) as a friend-of-a-friend was unable to use a ticket due to illness. (We really need to get our theatrical game sorted out here – it’s been long enough.) This was a slightly manic and entirely charming stage adaptation of Sense and Sensibility, and I loved it.

Exhibitions-wise, as usual I’ve been completely spoiled by attending curator tours of all four of the Morgan’s spring openings, all of which are fascinating and I really need to spend more time in each show. They feature Andy Warhol‘s contributions to book illustrations, Wagner’s Ring cycle, yet another intriguing take on photography (the Morgan’s photo curator has the most incredible eye – his exhibitions are a must-see even for someone like me who really doesn’t get excited about art photography), and a small show of drawings assembled by a renowned eighteenth century collector.

I also went on a tour of an exhibition of “book-look objects” (or “blooks”) at the Grolier Club, led by the collector of the objects in the show. This was great fun – the blooks covered pretty much everything from sacred to profane, utilitarian to fanciful, educational to entertaining – and Mindy’s enthusiasm and affection for each object really made the evening.

Meanwhile Tom was mostly just busy at work, and preparing for a concert with his “other” choir (as opposed to the one in which we both sing) – an enjoyable evening which combined some new commissions with a few old favourites.

Naturally the regular routine of life continues too, with all the boring little details that entails. I’m quite sure you’re as eager to read about work, laundry, groceries and fitness classes as I am to write about them (although working at the Morgan is still a treat, and I’ve just started a brilliant new exercise thing – cardio kickboxing – which I love even though it’s utterly exhausting), but it certainly isn’t all excursions and exhibitions around here, despite what this blog may have you believe!

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