Birthday celebrations

There are oh-so-many things I could write about a certain referendum in the country I was formerly proud to call home, but this has never been a place of political commentary and really I don’t see the sense in starting now. Also, today is Tom’s birthday, and he made me promise to play nicely with the other children.

Despite having lived in Hoboken for almost two years now, we’ve done appallingly badly at sampling the many excellent bars and restaurants it has to offer, whether for casual dining or more celebratory occasions. This weekend gave us the opportunity to rectify that a little, and provided some much-needed cheer just a short walk from our front door.

We began with a cocktail at the Brass Rail, one of the fancier bar/restaurants on Washington Street, in downtown Hoboken. (Oh yes, despite numbering fewer than 20 blocks from north to south, we still have uptown and downtown!) Tom naturally ended up with a girly-looking tropical drink, whilst mine was much more respectable – to my unending amusement this almost always happens, regardless of what cocktails we order!

Suitably refreshed, we headed on to dinner, for which Tom had selected Cucharamama – a highly-recommended South American restaurant just a couple of blocks from the bar. The dining room was charming, and the menu looked excellent – so much so that I was extremely grateful for the more limited gluten-and-dairy-free options, and Tom eventually resorted to asking the waiter which main course he should select.

I didn’t take pictures of the food – they never come out well, and I can’t quite bring myself to morph into “that person” – suffice it to say that it was all beautifully presented, and tasted as good as it looked. Shrimp ceviche in tomato water and Argentine chorizo with chimichurri were fantastic starters, whilst Peruvian roast pork and beef short ribs hit the main course spot, all washed down with a bottle of Spanish wine. I’m not quite sure how Tom found space for dessert, but he managed to finish the caramel apple crepe he ordered – I don’t quite know how that fits in with the Latin American theme, but apparently it was very tasty.

After all that food (and wine) some light exercise was in order, so we strolled home along the waterfront. I never get tired of the Manhattan skyline view, particularly at night, and it was a gorgeous evening to be outside.


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