Western roadtrip part 2: floating in Idaho

With my ongoing quest to visit all the States in mind, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to hop across into Idaho and add a third state to this particular trip (thereby bringing our current total up to 24). Consequently, the morning of July 4th saw us crossing the state line to take a float trip on the Snake River in Idaho’s Targhee National Forest.


As described on the boat hire company’s website, this sounded like an idyllic experience – you select your preferred water craft, they drive you and it upstream to the launch site, then you spend 2-3 hours floating gently back down with the current, admiring the scenery and whatever wildlife happens to be around as you go.


However, in retrospect, July 4th was probably just about the worst day we could have chosen for this experience. Flotillas of noisy holidaymakers caused bottlenecks at various points, the buzz-zaw note of ATVs carving up the forest trails was ever-present in the background, and to top it all off the rainclouds were gathering ominously.

In case that wasn’t enough, pretty much the first thing we did was run aground.P1110527.JPG

Thanks to some strenuous paddling we did manage to find occasional moments of peace between the various groups (and between arguments about who was paddling wrong), and when the clouds burst quite spectacularly a few moments after we returned to the car we were very thankful we hadn’t lingered on the river. We’d still spent over an hour in our 2-person kayak, which felt like more than enough, and were glad to get back on the road and head for Montana. (Three states in one day, yey!)


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