On ice

Despite the sad lack of snow since last I wrote, we’ve been managing to amuse ourselves in other wintry ways. I finally managed to go skating on the ice rink in Bryant Park – something I’ve been failing to achieve each winter since we first moved here – but then Tom went one better by joining some friends to try out curling.

In addition to being my favourite park in the world, Bryant Park offers admission-free ice skating through the winter months. (I’m sure they make plenty of money on skate rentals, but if you own a pair then you’re good to go, and I happened to pick up a second-hand pair for $15 three summers ago.) Each year I make all sorts of grand plans for regular skating, and each year it rains, or I’m tired, or can’t be bothered to drag my skates into the city, and then it’s spring and they’re packing the rink away. A couple of Sundays ago, however, I finally got my act together, and it was a lot of fun! Rather too busy, of course, but it was lovely to be there, and I really should go again before the season ends…


The following weekend, it was Tom’s turn on the ice. He pretends he can’t skate, mainly I think so he can loiter on the sidelines with overpriced hot chocolate, but a friend was getting a group together to go to an introduction to curling and I was unable to go. Apparently it was more technical than he had expected – one foot is clad in teflon, so you can slide, and that’s just the start of it. He doesn’t appear to be super-keen to go again, but it seems to have been an interesting experience.


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