For some reason I’ve been wanting to watch an ice hockey game ever since we moved to the US, and this weekend we finally made it happen! Strictly speaking, our friend Chelsey made it happen – her home team, the Dallas Stars, were playing the New Jersey Devils in Newport, and she invited us to join her.

I don’t have a great deal to say about the game, other than it was lots of fun to watch! There was only one fight and no bloodshed whatsoever, which I understand is a fairly tame result, but it was exciting to see the players zooming around the ice and smashing (themselves and each other) into the glass shields around the edge.

By the end of the third period the score was one all, but the Stars scored again just a few seconds into extra time so that was that. (It was extremely helpful having someone knowledgeable with us to explain what was going on!)

I can’t wait to go again, and I have a crazy idea that it would be fun to learn how to play  myself – we’ll see what comes of that…!

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