All travelled out … for now!

I never used to understand when people complained about travelling – how is it possible to travel too much, I thought…. Well, it turns out that four back-to-back trips, on top of several others earlier in the year, proved to be enough even for me. We’ve been home for a little over two weeks now but somehow it still feels like we’ve just landed. I’m even resisting booking our next batch of flights (including some conference travel, not just for fun), which is completely unlike me!

Not only are we all travelled out (and broke) but the weather has finally turned, making it even nicer to be home for a while – autumn is very much my favourite time of year here. Our neighbourhood has been sporting the usual spooktacular Halloween decorations, very soon it’ll be Thanksgiving, and then of course the sparkly lights will be on in full force for the run-up to Christmas.

I had dinner with a friend in Manhattan last night, so missed most of the trick-or-treating, but we popped out to admire (and photograph) the decorations when I got home. As always we’ve been enjoying watching them appearing over the last few weeks, and there are some really entertaining ones this year.


I was happy to see some favourites back on display (I love these exuberant skeletons!):

And we even had our own contribution this year, courtesy of whoever threw it into our front yard last Saturday night:



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