On a Thursday in early November…

I don’t actually have anything interesting to tell you today, but it’s very quiet in the reading room and I thought that writing something here would be preferable to staring blankly into space (or at my screen). You’d think I could just do some reading, and there are many books here I’d love to get stuck into, but the problem is that when I’m absorbed in a book I don’t see or hear anything going on around me. So, here we are.

I’m also feeling like a huge flaming hypocrite – since my last post complaining about travel fatigue we’ve gone ahead and booked up four separate trips. It’s a while before the first one, but still …

Anyway, what else? Ah, of course – the weather! After what feels like months of unseasonable warmth, and a handful of random fluctuations, we seem to have hopped straight to winter. The current chilly temperatures are a nice change, but I’m rather sad we didn’t get a nice stretch of proper autumn. (Although I’ve just realised that by “winter” I’m clearly still using a British frame of reference – it will doubtless get much colder when the real wintry weather arrives in the new year.)

Otherwise, I’ve been enjoying a few different cultural bits and pieces over the last couple of weeks, most of which have oddly been coming in pairs:

  • two nights of silent-movies-with-organ-accompaniment (the 1925 Phantom of the Opera, and a program of Buster Keaton shorts),
  • two lectures (on Medieval manuscripts, and Hollywood costumes),
  • two brunches (on the same day!), and
  • two exhibitions (on Louise Bourgeois printmaking, and illustrated legal books)

The main exception to the pairs rule was a superb tour of the University Club building and library, a full-day rehearsal for an exciting concert I’m singing in with my new choir, and several dinners with friends. Sadly Tom missed most of the above (other than Buster Keaton and most of the meals), but that’s the downside of holding a full-time job – I’ve been feeling very appreciative of having the time available to take advantage of all these things!

Since we’re only just out of the Halloween season, I thought it would be appropriate to close with a couple of spidery shots – both from the Louise Bourgeois show (arachnophobes look away now…!):


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