Glorious autumn colours

Being English, complaining about the weather is part of my DNA, and of course it’s always a handy topic of conversation, especially since this autumn hasn’t really been at all autumnal – we’ve lurched from wintry chill to balmy warm days and back again, seemingly at random.



The latest cold snap seems to be sticking around for now, and the weather app on Tom’s phone is even predicting snow showers for Friday, but last week in Central Park was all glorious autumn, and I revelled in the sunshine and colours.

Oddities of climate notwithstanding, Christmas approaches, and every day brings more shiny decorations and sparkly lights to the city, and of course we’re completely immersed in festive music at the moment. We spent most of last weekend at St Bart’s, rehearsing for and then singing in the Advent Lessons and Carols service, and we both have separate concerts with our other choirs coming up this week. I am not making myself popular by hoping that the cold weather persists, but it’s difficult to even think about December 25th when the park still looks like this:


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