Giving thanks

In an attempt to banish my really-not ready-for-it-to-be-December-yet feeling, I should finally get around to writing about Thanksgiving. Obviously this is not a holiday we had any previous experience of celebrating, but we’re very much in favour of cooking and eating extravagant meals so have enjoyed getting into the Thanksgiving habit over the last few years. So much has happened since I wrote about our first one here in the US, including meeting all sorts of lovely people who are happy to trek across to Hoboken to join us for dinner, and this year we had a lot of fun preparing and sharing a feast with some good friends.

Naturally Tom had acquired a ridiculously oversized turkey, although thankfully it fitted in both the fridge and the oven! Once that was out we squeezed in all the various side dishes to cook, and finally managed to find space for it all on the table. Our menu ended up combining Thanksgiving favourites with some hints of British Christmas – in addition to the turkey (cooked à la Delia, obviously!) we had both roast and mashed potatoes, roast parsnips, sweet potato and green bean casseroles, cornbread stuffing, a green salad, turkey gravy and my special mulled wine cranberry sauce.

All that was followed by pie for dessert – pecan and pumpkin, both of which seemed to go down well…

…and which we subsequently enjoyed for breakfast on the following days!

Despite our my best efforts, and some assistance from one of our guests, the washing up was pretty epic – this is every surface in our kitchen covered with drying dishes!

It was a really lovely day, and a reminder that we have much to be thankful for (including, currently, a freezer stuffed with leftover turkey, which is looking likely to last us until Christmas!).

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