A day of two halves

After a spell of oppressively hot and unpleasantly humid weather, we were delighted to note that the forecast for the weekend was offering a reprieve, so we made plans to go walking with a friend. However, he wasn’t going anywhere until the morning football game was over, and since England were playing we felt we ought to show willing, so at just after 10am we found ourselves in a beer hall in Jersey City with a bunch of (mainly) England supporters from both sides of the Atlantic.

(I was drinking coffee.)

After a surprisingly enjoyable game, we packed ourselves into the car and drove the short distance to the woods of  South Mountain Reservation. It was the perfect day for a stroll – sunny and warm, a cool breeze, hardly any humidity – and we ambled around the paths for almost four hours (a little over 9 miles, we think).

Then it was back to the city for the obligatory post-walk pint, and a very nice dinner. It wasn’t quite your rustic hiking food, especially when we reached the dessert course, but it was all most enjoyable.

Finally, a stroll home along the waterfront path was a lovely end to the day. It’s about three miles from that end of Jersey City back to our part of Hoboken, almost all of it alongside the river, and the evening light was just beautiful.

2 thoughts on “A day of two halves

  1. In case anyone is worried I should clarify that unlike Emma I did indeed have a beer or two while watching the match, despite the early start. Some things just have to be done.


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