Summer evening sounds

Last Saturday we found ourselves at a free evening concert over in Brooklyn. Tom had been at a choir rehearsal earlier in the day, and discovered that a group of friends were going on to Prospect Park to hear the Kronos Quartet, so we decided to join them.

It was a beautiful evening, warm but with a pleasant breeze, and we found an excellent spot from which to enjoy the concert.

The first group on the programme was the Trio da Kali. All the way from Mali, they had a mellow, jazzy kind of sound – perfect for a summer evening! After a few numbers they were replaced on stage by the Kronos Quartet

After the laid-back vibe of the trio, the fractured sound of their opening number was particularly startling, and it quickly became apparent that this was going to be a political as well as a musical experience.

The quartet was really excellent though – I’d heard of them but not heard them before – and it was more than worth the trek out to Brooklyn. The area around the stage was also very nicely set out – there were chairs as well as plenty of space for blankets on the grass, a selection of food and drink vendors, some surprisingly clean portaloos, and a fun light sculpture too.

The concert ended with both groups back on stage performing a selection from their collaborative piece, Ladilikan. This was yet another flavour of sound, and a fitting conclusion to the evening.

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