Governor’s Island again

I say “Governor’s Island again”, but truthfully that’s something of a misnomer, since apparently the last time I was there was in 2015. Which is a shame, as a day trip across the water is always such a treat. Just as before, the purpose of our visit was to join a friend’s birthday picnic (the same friend as last time, as it happens), and once again we had a very pleasant day.

I know that each year brings new developments to the island, in terms of landscaping, food and drink options, and now even glamping (new this year!), but it was still a surprise to see how the island had changed since our last visit. In fact, I think the area where we spent most of the day – the aptly-named “picnic point” – wasn’t even accessible the last time we were there.

Despite a sunny start to the day, rain showers were forecast, but thankfully it stayed warm and dry for us, and I for one was perfectly happy under the overcast sky. We set up our blankets under a tree, and enjoyed an excellent picnic.

At the end of the afternoon we walked back to the ferry by a different route, through some of the buildings rather than around the coast, which took us past this rather spectacular artwork. I didn’t get a chance to stop and admire it properly at the time (other than a quick pause to snap a couple of pictures), but a little online research reveals that it’s by Jacob Hashimoto, and is entitled Never Comes Tomorrow. (I don’t know why, but I like it anyway!)

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