Summer Sunday hiking

Do you know how the tuxedo got its name? Apparently a casino owner from Tuxedo NY was so enamoured of the outfit when he encountered it on a trip to England that he brought the concept home. (I have no idea whether this story is apocryphal or not, but it made for some excellent trail-trivia!)

Whatever the ins and outs of it may be, it is wholly factual that last Sunday we found ourselves on the train to Tuexdo, to meet up with a group of friends and go hiking in Harriman State Park.

It was a beautiful day to be walking in the woods – almost too hot and humid for my liking, but just about cool enough in the shade. However, it was probably for the best that we stopped another hiker to take a group photo before we’d had the time to get too tired and sweaty!

The top of the first (steep!) ascent provided some lovely views back down into Tuxedo, and over the surrounding hillsides.

Most of the trail wound fairly gently through the woods, with occasional scrambles up rocky sections, swathes of blueberry bushes, and some interesting rock formations.

We were initially planning to do an out-and-back hike, so stopped for lunch at the end point of that route – a hilltop with some more excellent views. However, the refreshing action of our picnic inspired the decision to continue further on the trail and loop back around to make it a circular walk.

The altered route also took us past a lake, where a couple of our group decided to have an impromptu swim (and frisbee game!), whilst the rest of us watched happily from the shade.

By the time we reached the final descent we were all pretty tired – the total distance was around 9 miles, with a reasonable amount of elevation change. We’d also worked up quite a thirst, so the post-walk drinks were very much appreciated.

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