Saturday afternoon at the Cloisters

I always forget how much I love the Cloisters, so it’s such a treat on the rare occasions I do make the trek up there.

A couple of Saturdays ago turned out to be an excellent day to visit, since the weather was beautifully warm but not too humid, and a cool breeze blowing off the river was just perfect.

I was particularly interested to see the elements of the Met Costume Institute’s Heavenly Bodies show – various people had told met that it was the best part of that exhibition (the rest of which is on display at the Met’s 5th Avenue building), and I was not disappointed.

Not only did many of the costumes look completely fantastic in the setting, but some even riffed off the Medieval imagery – I would love to own one of these Bosch-print dresses!

Once I’d had enough of wandering around the galleries I went and sat on a shady bench and watched the world go by for a while.

The Cloisters has plenty of nice places to sit, so I spent a good while moving slowly around a number of different spots. People-watching in galleries is always fun, I think, and the inside/outside nature of the Cloisters building can be quite unexpected, so there was plenty of observational opportunity – a delightful way to spend a sunny summer Saturday!

(It occurs to me I’ve been going on a lot about beautiful days lately. This summer has given us more than enough heat and humidity – evenings spent sitting on the floor because it’s too sticky for the sofa, and unbearably stuffy nights playing havoc with my sleep patterns. Every now and then some dramatic rainshowers come along to mix things up, which may or may not freshen the air, and it feels like we’ve been stuck in the city for months. All this means that any day that actually feels pleasant is a red-letter one for me, especially if I manage to get out and enjoy it too!)

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