Late summer diversions

As the sweltering days of summer fade into the distance (thank goodness), I wanted to take a quick look back over a handful of snapshots, and capture the memories before they disappear under a pile of autumn leaves.

Bryant Park continues to be one of my favourite places in the city, and in addition to their summer Shakespeare plays they also had some free opera. A steamy-hot summer evening is perhaps not the ideal time for La Traviata (and I felt very sorry for the cast in their heavy costumes), but it was a fun occasion nevertheless.

Hoboken’s waterfront path is another of my favourite places, and the river breezes provided a welsome escape whenever it got too sticky indoors. Whatever the time of day the views are spectacular, but twilight is always  particularly lovely.

The professional side of things found me attending the opening reception for the NY Art Book Fair. I’d never been to the fair before, and enjoyed wandering around looking at all the beautiful publications and other paraphernalia on sale.

We also managed half a day at the beach – well, sort of… A volunteer project took us out to Coney Island for a morning of litter picking, and we spend a surprisingly enjoyable couple of hours collecting a truly horrifying quantity of cigarette butts, glass fragments and oddments of plastic, followed by refreshments wth friends at Nathan’s hot dog stand (where else?!).

I spent a fun afternoon with colleagues participating in a photo shoot. I don’t think it’s an industry secret that most library photos are populated by staff members, and I amused myself by snapping our photographer at work whilst the others posed.

And of course there was an exhibition or two, including the best show I’ve seen for ages – Odyssey: Jack Whitten sculpture, 1963-2017 at the Met Breuer. To my shame I don’t think I’d even heard of Whitten before this retrospective opened, and I was completely blown away by his artwork. Monumental acrylic mosaics (the image below is one that’s about the same height as me) surrounded various free-standing sculptures, incorporating lots of wood, powerful metal details, and influences from cultures as seemingly-disparate as Western Africa and Crete. I need to go back for another look before it closes.

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