Choral capers in the Cathedral

Back in August we spent a wonderful week singing with the St Bart’s choristers at Exeter cathedral. It almost feels like this was too long ago to bother writing about (Aug 13th-20th), but I’m a completist. Also, it’s somewhat ironic that, despite knowing numerous English singers who do the summer cathedral week residency thing, it took an American choir to actually get us there.

Spending so much time in such a beautiful setting was tremendous….

…and with so much else to look at it could be a little hard to concentrate on the music sometimes!

For me, it was particularly nice to be back in the West Country. We enjoyed day trips out to Buckfast Abbey, Dartmouth, Plymouth, Killerton House, and of course Exeter itself. Non-singing time gave us plenty of opportunity to explore the city centre, and of course we all took advantage of a number of its restaurants and bars along the way.

It was a little strange being back in familiar country in company with a group of Americans, but the whole experience was most enjoyable, and singing in the cathedral every day was just glorious.

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