December 2018

This December seems to have been calmer than usual, which is rather nice. We’ve both had concerts – Tom’s choir sang a delightful program of Spanish Christmassy music whilst mine performed Handel’s Messiah at Carnegie Hall, and of course there have been some carols too. Other than a single string of lights we haven’t bothered decorating this year, but have been making the most of every opportunity for festive food and drink, with one particularly note-worthy weekend including both the first mulled wine of the season and Tom’s first attempt at hasselback potatoes (an epic success!).

The displays of festive lights around Hoboken are as bright and twinkly as usual, but I seem only to have photographed this delightful duo:

… however I did manage to capture the lights on Saks 5th Avenue and the Rockefeller Center tree, both as spectacular as usual:

And, just in time for the cold weather, T has a new hat, hand-knitted of course:


This will probably be my final post for 2018 (although you never know…), so I’ll close by saying Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and very best wishes for 2019.

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