Notes from New Orleans

Mid January saw me flying down to New Orleans for a reprise of the same event which took us there a year ago. I am extremely fond of this city, and was delighted to have an excuse to go again.

As before, the food and drinks were excellent. I had less opportunity for eating out than last time, but still managed to find some tasty treats.

I also took part in a mask decorating workshop one evening, as part of the activities attached to my event. Design is not my strongest suit, so being presented with a blank silver mask was daunting to say the least, but it was fun to play with glitter, glue and feathers, and I was really pleased with the result!

I also managed to spend a couple of evenings listening to music in one of my all-time favourite bars, the Spotted Cat. As always, the crowd was lively and the bands were excellent, I really wish we had somewhere like this closer to home.

Until next time…!

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