About Emma Davidson

Special collections librarian.

Summer snapshots

Apart from conference travel, life lately has been mostly about the routine. Working full time (in a temporary personal assistant job) has rather put a crimp in my exhibition-and-gallery-going, although it’s nice to have some extra dollars coming in (especially with a demanding end-of-summer trip coming up, but more on that another time!).

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Cleveland rocks!

It’s been a while since I added a new state to my collection, but earlier this month a conference took me to Cleveland so that ticks Ohio off the list. Unluckily for Tom he didn’t make it out there (although he got to go to Santa Monica instead so there’s no need to feel sorry for him), which means that he is now trailing two states behind…!

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Delhi again

Back in Delhi at the end of our Golden Triangle tour, my thoughts were focussed on the conference – it was, after all, the alleged purpose of the trip! However, we knew we had at least a day free at the end, and top of my list was a walking tour of Old Delhi. (I would have been perfectly happy to do this on our own, but the brief glimpse of Chandni Chowk from the cycle rickshaw had convinced me we’d get lost within moments, so it seemed like it would simpler, as well as more informative, to join a guided group!)


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